The good people of Anchorage didn't know quite what to make of my bitchin' keyboard cat shirt. I'm fairly sure they have The Internets up there, but they seem to have missed the ironic frenzy touched off by the three wolf moon shirt . . . which makes it impossible for them to appreciate the more intense irony of the keyboard cat juxtaposition.

That said, wolf shirts—and, to a lesser degree, eagle and moose shirts—are popular up there. Really, really, really popular. I defy you to walk the streets of Anchorage for more than ten minutes without seeing one. A waitress noticed my shirt and stopped in her tracks. She put her hand on her heart and gasped, "Oh my God! I love your shirt! It's like an Alaska shirt—but it's CATS!" I let her appreciate it as a work of art without boring her with the backstory. I think I made the right choice.

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